Growth Energizer

Streamlining And Developing Critical Business Processes
Internal Controls Review
Assisting In ERP Transition
Statutory Audit Support
Data Analysis

Streamlining and developing critical business processes

We understand the key to have standard critical process. We help you to streamline / strengthen your existing process or developing a standard process for you.

Internal controls review

It is important to visit exiting process to understand flaws and to know improvement points. We undertake internal and risk-based management audit to understand flaws in existing process and by pointing improvement areas.

Assisting in ERP transition

It is important for a company to keep updating their IT process including ERP. ERP implementation projects can be daunting. While adopting any type of new software can present a challenge for companies, ERP implementation projects in particular often fail for the same reasons. We at Easemint helps you to ease this process.

Statutory audit support

We at Easemint know how painful and time consuming it is when a MNC or a big audit firm does your company audit. We have a team who are ex big 4, and they know exactly what is needed to streamline this process.

Data analysis

We at Easemint love data and know exactly how data should be structured for smooth and relevant analysis. Be at analysing historicalfunds flow or creating monthly MIS for last 5 years, if there is a data that you need to consolidate, review and provide meaningful insights on, we can do that for you.

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