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Due diligence readiness and data room
Information memorandum (pitch deck) and Financial model
Due Diligence

Due diligence readiness and data room

  • Getting a due diligence done is one of the critical steps of a fundraise process. Once a term-sheet is signed, an investor appoints a due diligence team to perform diligence primarily on Financial, Tax and Legal. We have identified areas that are a matter of great concern for the management during the due diligence process. Some of the key issues are:
    • Lack of context with the accounts and finance team on the diligence process
    • Lack of bandwidth – both time and expertise
    • Mismanaged data where the information is not properly maintained or one data point not matching with another data point
    • Limited time to close the due diligence
    • Keeping the process confidential within the senior management
  • Midst fundraise process, if these issues are not properly addressed, companies tend to lose a fundraising opportunity.
  • Team at Easemint comes from a diligence background and understand the DD process. We work with the sell-side companies in preparing them for the due diligence (vendor assist), assist them in setting up data room and help them close the due diligence in a time bound manner.

Information memorandum (pitch deck) and financial model

We at Easemint know what investors like and we provide services like preparation of investor pitch, business plan, indicative valuation etc.

Due diligence

We at Easemint assist investors (buy-side) in performing due diligence on there prospective targets. Our due diligence approach takes care of accounting diligence and also give insights on business performance.

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